NEW EDBX & EDS subwoofers shipping now!

NEW EDBX & EDS subwoofers shipping now!

2022 has been a busy year for EDGE Car Audio. Not only is the world getting back to normal after a crazy few years but we have been busy in the workshop and lab to bring you new and improved products.

DBX Series - EDBX12D2 & EDBX15D2

Adding new 12 inch and 15 inch subwoofers to the DBX range has ensured we offer a size at an affordable price for everyone! They feature our new unique 2 piece dustcap which in included across our entire range, the 2pcs cap gives added rigidity to the cone for stronger tighter bass. This Subwoofer has a pressed steel torsion basket and double stacked high quality ferrite magnets for a competent level of motor force, paired with the motor structure we use a 2.5 inch voice coil and a non-pressed paper cone and high roll surround we are able to produce efficient, strong, powerful and accurate bass reproduction.

Street Series - EDS12D2, EDS15D2 & EDS18D2

Completing our new releases and revamping the entire Street series, these three subwoofers are for those who like earth thumping bass. They have been designed from the ground up to produce awesome musical bass, using double stacked magnets to generate large magnetic force we are able to control the subwoofer with pin point accuracy while maintaining a high level of excursion and SPL.