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Non Pressed Paper Cone

Wide Roll Dual Foam Surround

10" Quad Black NOMEX Spiders

8 awg direct cable connection

High Quality Y35 Triple stacked Ferrite Magnets

USA Built 4 Layer Flat Wound Voice Coil

Dual 1 Ohm Impedance

Model EDX15D1-E7

Cone Non-pressed paper cone

Surround Big roll foam - stitched

Dustcap Black PP

Voice Coil 70mm Copper winding

Spider 4pcs black NOMEX

Gasket Rubber

Top Plate 25mm Black anodized

T-Yoke 30mm Flat

Terminal / Wire: 8 awg Cable

Impedance Dual 1 Ohms

RMS Power 3000 watts

Magnet 220mm x 110mm x 25mm 3pcs

TS Parameters

SD : 0.075m/2

CMS : 0.06mm/N

MMS : 384.5g

RMS : 16.7ΩM

RES : 187.7

RP Zmax : 18.5

Nref : 0.39%

Fs : 28.1Hz

Vas : 66.3L

Re : 1.7Ω

QMS : 4.06

QES : 0.36

QTS : 0.33

BL : 17.9Tm

SPL :  88dB

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