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Revolutionary Car Audio

All men may be created equal, but all car audio is not. The history of car audio is the history of the search for extended bass frequencies, heart stopping mids and ear splitting treble. But what is performance without quality? To combine the two is the dream of EDGE car audio.

We bring forth industry leading Pro Audio speakers with extreme ESQL characteristics capable of providing loud, clear and dynamic sound!

Our glorious engineers have researched and constructed an extended range of high performance subwoofers that plunge to the lowest depths imaginable!

In-car music should be for the enjoyment of the many, not just the few! Through careful planning, we offer an extensive array of amplifiers that are within the reach of all budgets; from entry level installations to the latest ultra class D full range competition amplifiers.

Car audio is for all people and the sounds of extended bass excursion will be heard at the deepest frequencies! Join the revolution!


The new Power and Extreme range of Edge Car Audio is designed and built to be taken to the limits for use in competition and street bass installation.