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EDGE Car Audio

EDX5000.1D-E2 | EDGE Xtreme Series Monoblock 11000 watts Amplifier

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The Xtreme Series from EDGE Audio Presents an all new competition SPL amplifier.

Ultra efficient Class D topology maximises available battery power and minimises losses ensuring maximum power delivery to the subwoofers. 18v DC input stability allowing the user to maximise the power output from the non-regulated power supply.

Dual 0AWG power input terminals allow huge cable to be connected between the vehicles power supply and the amplifier PCB. Amplifier strapping circuit allows 2 amplifiers to be connected together to deliver their combined output power into a single channel delivering up to 11,800 watts RMS.

Parametric bass boost allows the user to boost the frequency of their choice. Low pass and subsonic crossover filters.

12dB per active on-board active crossover network, remote gain control, audio pass through RCA output and full CE certification round out the already impressive specifications list.


  • Ultra Class D Monoblock amplifier with high efficiency up to 92%
  • Dual 0AWG power input terminals allow hugE gauge cable to be connected.
  • MOSFET output stage delivers high power and reliability.
  • 1 Ohm low impedance drive.
  • Parametric bass boost allows up to +12dB of boost at any frequency between 30Hz and 90Hz.
  • Amplifier strapping allows 2 identical amplifiers to be connected to deliver the full power through a single channel.
  • Level remote allows easy adjustment of level from the front of the vehicle.
  • Full EMI and CE approval.
  • Model: EDX5000.1D-E2
  • Configuration: Monoblock
  • RMS @ 4 Ohms 14.4v 1% THD: 1 x 1580 watts
  • RMS @ 2 Ohms:14.4v 1% THD: 1 x 3000 watts
  • RMS @ 1 Ohm 14.4v 1% THD: 1 x 5500 watts
  • RMS @ 1 Ohm 16v 1% THD: 1 x 5700 watts
  • RMS @ 1 Ohm 18v 1% THD: 1 x 5800 watts
  • Maximum Power: 11000 watts
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz - 350Hz
  • Crossover Type: LP / Subsonic
  • Crossover Range: 10Hz - 250Hz
  • Input Sensitivity: 200mv - 8v
  • Topology: Ultra Class D
  • Dimensions (H x W X D): 59mm x 250mm x 650mm (2.3" x 9.8" x 25.6")