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EDGE Car Audio

EDXPRO65T-E3 | EDGE Xtreme Series 6.5 inch 240 watts 105dB Pro Audio Compression Driver - Single

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The Xtreme Series from EDGE features a new style product not seen elsewhere in the range the range.

This high frequency driver is something different to a traditional compression tweeter, the driver uses a high power motor to drive the large Titanium diaphragm and voice coils with precision, this is then paired with a massive 6.5 inch flared horn design. The large flared horn allows the pro driver to play significantly lower than a tweeter.

The EDPRO65T delivers frequencies as low as 1000Hz which allows more of the directional sound to come form one location.

The horn itself also allows the sound to be smoother as it has a more progressive dispersion. This gives increased clarity, efficiency and volume to the sound.

Adding an Xtreme series Horn driver is for those wanting to take Pro audio to the next level producing concert level volume and clarity from the road!


  • Pro audio compression drivers
  • Titanium diaphragm
  • Flared horn design
  • Ferro-fluid voice coil cooling
  • Screw terminal