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EDBXPRO38T-E0 | EDGE DBX Series 3.7 inch 150 watts Pro Audio Tweeters - Pair

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The EDBXPRO38T Is the Pro audio tweeter featured in the DBX Series range, design for loud high frequency reproduction

To produce the loud volume levels expected from Pro audio the DBX Series tweeter we engineered it to have a very high level of efficiency meaning it can very easily be very loud. We were able to do this by combining an aluminium diaphragm with a 25mm copper voice coil, paired with a ferrite magnet construction and a hand designed horn flange. These parts together created over 105dB of efficiency giving loud and clear high range frequency reproduction.

This high volume Bullet tweeter would be used in conjunction with any DBX series Pro speaker when your requirements is Hifi beating volume and crisp clear sound.


  • Pro Audio Bullet Tweeter
  • Aluminium Diaphragm
  • Cast Aluminium Flange
  • 105dB Sensitivity
  • 25mm Voice Coil
  • Type: Pro Audio Tweeter
  • Configuration: 1 way
  • Speaker Size: 3.7" (95mm)
  • RMS Power: 75 watts
  • Peak Power: 150 watts
  • Frequency Response: 2kHz - 20kHz
  • Sensitivity: 105dB
  • Impedance: 4 Ohms
  • Recommended Amplifier: EDA100.4-E7
  • Mounting Depth: 1.1" (28mm)
  • Mounting Diameter: 2.85" (73mm)