New EDGE Pro!

The new EDGE EDBPRO6-E9 Pro speaker is now shipping and available through our global distribution network.

This is a Revision of the globally loved EDPRO6B-E6 which sold over 80,000 pairs per year! Louder! Wider frequency and perfect for any single of multi speaker installations!


Why chose a Pro Speaker?

When you run large SPL output systems a standard traditional coaxial or component speaker simply cannot keep up.

That’s the reason why installers and enthusiasts choose the ultra-efficient PA Style loud speakers to create the correct balance of sound . The EDGE DB Series Pro drivers are a relatively inexpensive solution and as such encourage multiple driver fitment into door builds, each driver capable of handling 150W RMS of power and offering an incredible 98db SPL Sensitivity.

The new design features a unique paper cone material and shape, robust efficient 1”(25mm) voice coil. Closer inspection will reveal details such a unique multi-roll surround and mixed fibre cloth material, all the components were specifically chosen in order the deliver maximum volume with the greatest efficiency and when paired with a Bullet or compression tweeters you have a crowd pulling ultra loud combination! When installed for SQL, doors open competition these drivers can be used to create true ‘Concert style’ experience from your door speakers.

Want to know more?

The EDGE DB Series form part of the extensive range of the revolutionary EDGE Car Audio range designed and engineered in the UK by Midbass Distribution, for more information click here  (when its live – Doh!)

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