Terms of Use

Thank you for buying EDGE, we hope you enjoy listening to your product as much as we enjoyed creating it.

DO NOT EXPOSE PRODUCTS TO DAMP OR MOISTURE - doing so may result in fire, shock or damage to the product.

BEFORE WIRING DISCONNECT THE CABLE FROM THE POSITIVE BATTERY TERMINAL - failure to do so may result in electric shock or injury. ENSURE GOOD AND CORRECT CONNECTIONS - failure to make the correct connections may result in fire or damage to the product. DO NOT USE ANY FUNCTIONS OF THIS EQUIPMENT THAT MAY TAKE YOUR CONCENTRATION AWAY FROM DRIVING YOUR VEHICLE - do not set up your amplifier whilst driving, doing so may result in an accident. For prolonged setting up, make sure that your vehicle is stationary and in a safe location. KEEP THE VOLUME AT A LEVEL SO YOU CAN STILL HEAR OUTSIDE NOISE - failure to do this may result in an accident. VIBE equipment is capable of producing sound levels that can permanently damage your hearing. EDGE recommends caution when listening at high volume.

For safe and enjoyable listening the sound should be comfortable and clear without distortion. CAUTION Never connect any speaker lead to the car chassis. This can cause severe damage to your speaker /car radio /amplifier. Before drilling or cutting any holes, investigate the layout of your vehicle thoroughly. Use caution when working near the fuel / hydraulic lines and electrical wiring. Observe the correct polarity when wiring, improper phasing may cause a loss of bass response. Ensure that no moving parts catch on the speaker or grill (e.g. window or door handles, or window glass inside the door) INSTALLATION • The quality of the installation will affect the system performance and reliability. • Contact your nearest authorised VIBE dealer if you are unsure about the installation of this product. • Please mount this unit away from any potential hazards. • Minimising the length of wires will provide higher audio output from the system. • The speaker should be securely fastened to the mounting position using the screws provided. • Pre drill your mounting holes using a drill and position with the template provided. • Be sure to investigate your mounting area thoroughly for electrical wires, brake or fuel lines or fuel tank to prevent causing any damage. All VIBE products carry a full 12 month warranty, valid from the date of the original receipt and proof of purchase. In order to validate this warranty, the online warranty card should be completed within seven days of the original purchase date. The original receipt and packaging should be retained for this twelve month period. If the product develops a problem any stage during the warranty period, it should be returned to the point of purchase in it’s original packaging, and complete with no items missing. If the store is unable to repair the product it may have to be returned to VIBE.


• Damage to product due to improper installation.

• Subsequent damage to other components.

• Damage caused by exposure to moisture, excessive heat, chemical cleaners and / or UV radiation.

• Damage through negligence, misuse, accident or abuse. Repeated returns for the same fault may be considered abuse.

• Any cost or expense related to the removal and / or re-installation of the product. • Damage caused by amplifier clipping or distortion.

• Items repaired or modified by any unauthorised repair facility.

• Return shipping on non defective items.

• Products returned without a returns authorisation number.

• Damage to product due to use of sealant.

WARNING EDGE Equipment is capable of sound pressure levels that can cause permanent damage to your hearing and those around you. Please use common sense when listening to your audio system and practice safe sound.

UK TECHNICAL ENQUIRIES Call 09067031420 Calls cost 50p per minute.

Call costs correct at date of publication (01/02/12) Hours of business 9.00am - 5.30pm GMT Monday - Friday. All calls are recorded for training purposes. MIDBASS Distribution PO Box 11000 B75 7WG INTERNATIONAL TECHNICAL ENQUIRIES For international technical support please contact the distribution agent for your country.